Beethoven (1992)

In this week's podcast, Peter and Ray jump back to the year 1992 to revisit the family comedy, Beethoven. We get to chatting about why aren't family movies like this made anymore, why this film is disliked so much by critics, how cute the puppies are in this flick, and much more. Listen and enjoy!

Hope you join us for next week's pod when Peter and Ray travel all the way back to the year 1985 to rewatch, Weird Science.

Shout Outs: Peter- Charles Gordon interviews (Youtube) | Ray- Years and Years (HBO)

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Credits: Album art created by friend of the pod Lis. Visit her Etsy store to see more of her work.

Music for this episode is provided by FMA and created by Audiobinger- "Pre-Game Warm-Up".


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