In this week's podcast Peter, Ray, and special guest Ryan (from the Dismembering Horror) to travel back to the year 1988 to revisit the Tim Burton flick, Beetlejuice. We really get sort of deep into the themes of this movie, what made Mr.Burton's movies (from the 80s/90s) so magical, and so much more.

Listen to next week's podcast when we become Gen-Xers and travel to the year 1992 to rewatch, Wayne's World.

If you would like to hear more of Ryan's thoughts on films (particularly horror) then check out his podcast, Dismembering Horror. You can also see his professional work on his website.

Shout Outs: Ryan- Tammy and the T-Rex (movie) | Peter- Prop Culture (Disney+) | Ray- LGR (Youtube)

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