Question: which 90's Disney animated movie is the best? Well, Retro Reviews is here to figure that out! Throughout the month of March, Peter and Ray will determine which 90's Disney animated movie is the best using a tournament bracket style. Movies are ranked using their IMDB scores and Peter and Ray will discuss which film will move onto the second round. Listeners also get to vote on which Disney movie will get to move on as well! Check out the link HERE to vote.

In this episode, Peter and Ray go through the 2nd round (8 films) of the bracket to see which movies make it to the final four! Some hearts are broken (mostly Ray's) on which films make it to the next round. Listen to find out!

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P.S. Shotout to friend of the pod Lis for creating our podcast album art for us! If you are interested in seeing more of her amazing work, you can visit her Etsy store and check out her Insta.

-Music for this episode is provided by FMA and created by Audiobinger- "Pre-Game Warm-Up"


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