UP (2009)-GUEST-Sonia

In this week’s podcast, Peter, Ray, and (special guest) Sonia revisit the 2009 Disney/Pixar film, UPThis was a movie we were supposed to record an episode on right before the pandemic hit so we are making it up this week. So, let’s see if this Disney/Pixar flick still holds-up or if it should be lost in the clouds (tease: you will be surprised).

FYI: before we get started with the show, we do a personal check-in moment, just to hear how everyone is holding-up during this very unique time. If you’re not interested in hearing that part of the show, just skip ahead to around the 17-minute mark.

Please check out Sonia’s photography by visiting her Instagram and webpage.

Join us next week when we travel to the year 1988 to revisit the film, Beetlejuice (don’t say his name three times!).

Shout Outs: Sonia- Making the Cut (Amazon Prime) | Peter- Shameless (Showtime/Netflix) | Ray- The Last Dance (ESPN)

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Music for this episode is provided by FMA and created by Audiobinger- "Pre-Game Warm-Up".

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