Weird Science (1985)

In this week's podcast we journey back to the year 1985 to revisit the the John Hughes' flick, Weird Science. Does this movie about a couple of high boys creating their own woman from a computer still hold-up today or is it as outdated as the computer and fashion displayed in this film? Well, you're going to have to listen to find out!

Listen to next week's pod when Peter and Ray jump ahead to the year 2003 to revisit the Sofia Coppola movie, Lost in Translation.

Shout Outs: Peter- The Minus 5 (music) | Ray- Retro Movies Roundtable (podcast)

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Credits: Album art created by friend of the pod Lis. Visit her Etsy store to see more of her work.

Music for this episode is provided by FMA and created by Audiobinger- "Pre-Game Warm-Up".


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